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micro injection  

"All accessories are much more than functional items at Sharp China Buttons &T rimming Co. Ltd, we believe these products are special and so are our global customers buying them"

"Accessories are important" says Sharp China CEO Sarina Wong, underlining that they affect function and also make strong style statements "‘many clothing buyers may be interested not only in garment designs but also in our accessories design"
"We create many different kinds and designs" and explains "each day we see new things and hear new ideas"
"We believe our customer are not only customers, but partners, we help each other’’ States Ms Wong and adds "we like to exchange ideas with our customers and develop new items together, the market is always demanding for new things"
"Many customer have dealt with us for more than 10 years" CEO proudly proclaims "we make what they need, ensure high quality and delivery on time".
Sharp China’s Prospects look Strong and Ms Wong says "everyone needs garments so we have no limits on where to supply our accessories. We are ready to supply everyone, we can produce exactly what buyers need for every garment season".


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